Ralph Patterson
for U.S. Congress
Texas District 17


Veterans Affairs

For too long we have known about abuses in the treatment of our country's veterans. From long wait times to falsified lists, the Department of Veterans Affairs has failed to properly care for the needs of the men and women and their families that have given so much to protect our way of life. Congress has yet to hold anyone accountable for the failures of these agencies and our veterans continue to pay the price for these failures. As your congressman I will hold those responsible accountable and work hard to make sure that our veterans are given the care that they have earned and deserve.

Texas Border Security

While Texas taxpayers are assuming the financing of border security to the tune of 800 million dollars, congress continues to fail the citizens of this country by neglecting its responsibility. Texans have been forced to fund the shortcomings of the federal government to stop human trafficking, the smuggling of illegal drugs and weapons, and potential dangerous criminals and terrorists. Not only will I file legislation to have the federal government reimburse Texas for providing this basic Constitutional responsibility, I will also work to insure that the government spends tax payer's money only on its core Constitutional responsibilities.

Syrian Refugees

I oppose allowing Syrian refugees into our country until public safety can be assured. Simply having agency heads “sign-off” on their entry does not guarantee public safety. Our congress has a responsibility to protect Americans from this threat. According to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions “It is well-established that the omnibus fully-funds the President’s entire refugee expansion, illegal alien resettlement, executive amnesty, sanctuary cities, and illegal alien tax credits. But the problem is not only that there was no effort to protect American jobs, wages and communities from uncontrolled immigration – but that voters believe Congress has no desire to ever protect Americans from uncontrolled immigration. “


As most Americans agree, Obamacare highlights the Federal Government's violation of the 10th Amendment. We cannot continue to allow the Federal Government to distance itself from Constitutional requirements. I will file a bill to repeal ALL federal laws that violate the 10th Amendment.

Second Amendment

I firmly believe the Second Amendment was written to make sure that the people of the United States of America could defend their country, their homes and families, and their neighbors from enemies both foreign and domestic. But specifically the Second Amendment is our tool to defend against a tyrannical government that would deny the rights of the citizens. I believe that “...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Please watch.

Presidential Abuse of Power
Executive Actions and Orders should become null and void if Congress does not approve them within one year.

National Debt
Our national debt is fast approaching a level that is unsustainable. We must look at every law and regulation as it relates to its impact on the national debt. We must pull back from the $20-trillion dollar national debt and stop the deficit spending that is bankrupting our country.