Ralph Patterson
for U.S. Congress
Texas District 17
Primary Election 2018 is March 6th, 2018!
Early voting starts Tuesday, February 20, 2018.                
Please Vote Ralph Patterson for U.S. Representative Texas District 17.
Ralph Patterson is committed to improving the lives of every citizen of the Texas Congressional District 17. He recognizes we must maintain a strong national defense and protect our citizens.

"My principle of government is simple. The government should protect the vulnerable and the innocent; that includes the very old, the very young, the unborn (as well as their mothers), and those who from circumstance or disability are in need of some extra help. Otherwise, the government should leave us alone and allow us to embrace the individual liberties that the Constitution affords us." -- Ralph Patterson

We are now seeing more of our congressmen stand up for Texans. I will stand with them for you. We can make a difference!
Ralph Patterson is a:

  • Constitutional Conservative
  • Fiscal Conservative
  • Social Conservative
We will be successful in advocating for improvements in our community, our state, and our nation so we can build a better world for our children.

While our current congressman was voting with the Democrats, see what other conservative congressmen in Texas were saying about national defense, tax dollar funding of abortion, and regulations: Click here.

Our volunteer base is growing daily as citizens have found a voice and renewed sense of purpose.

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Conservative Leadership

Texas State Republican Executive Committeeman
As the Senate District 22 Committeeman Ralph has worked to
shape the future of the Republican Party to represent the conservative values of our citizens. Our state continues to lead the rest of the country in many areas and we need to show the rest of the country how we help our citizens be more successful in spite of difficult times.

McLennan County Republican Party Chairman

After more than three years of leadership of Ralph Patterson as the McLennan County Chairman, real changes are obvious and exciting. Recruitment, campaigning, and engagement have finally replaced the last Democrats in County-wide elected office. All County-wide offices are now held by Republicans! Additionally, more and more conservatives are joining the party regardless of demographic. But now we must continue to push forward and refuse to let special interest groups pull us back to the past. Join Ralph Patterson in the work to move Texas Congressional District 17 toward the future.

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